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Genuine Babbit

If you are looking for any type of alloys or any electrical soldering wire, sheet metal, genuine Babbitt alloys or sound insulation lead sheet rolls, you have come to the right website. Mayer Alloys boast one of the most extensive ranges of alloy products on the market as well as top Brand Name AIM solder ranges on the market today and we supply a wide spectrum of industries from small companies to huge manufacturing industries.

We have a mission to provide innovative solutions, with customer satisfaction as our first priority when it comes to supply of quality alloys no matter what their purpose and if you are looking for genuine Babbitt alloys that are used in capacitor manufacturing and bearing assembly and repair as a few examples then you can rest assured we can supply you at great savings in price as much as you need. Choose from fusible alloys, jewelry alloys, lead alloys, tin alloys, and much more and we look forward to assisting you with what you need.

All our quality products add value to electrical installations, manufacturing industries, airport networks, and also for the building industry which makes us the first choice when looking for any alloys and genuine Babbitt alloys for your needs.

Why not browse through our list of alloys at our product links where you will see suggested uses for genuine Babbitt alloys and other metals we have listed. We have a comprehensive variety alloys and genuine Babbitt alloys available in as much quantities as you wish.

Whatever project or job you are doing our alloys are sure to meet all electrical and mechanical requirements and you are welcome to contact us for expert and professional advice for recommendations of particular alloys you need. We wish to provide you customer service excellence coupled with superb affordability in prices from genuine Babbitt alloys to bismuth alloys that makes us your one stop alloy supplier to meet any manufacturing or project requirement.

Genuine Babbitt alloy is also known as white metal and was named after Isaac Babbitt who was the inventor of it back in 1839. Genuine Babbitt melts into harder metals forming a lubricating layer of crystals as the bearing wears down and this is why it is the ideal alloy for bearings used in hundreds of purposes today. In the process of coating the surface of the bearing being manufactured the coating using this alloy is called Babbitting.

If you need any information on our genuine Babbitt or any of the alloys we offer why not give us a call and professional staff will be glad to help you any way possible. To learn more about our alloys including the genuine Babbitt alloy we offer why not join our mailing lists. We will keep you updated on all our products and alloys and also give you advice for scrap reclamation or processing of metals that we also specialize in. Whatever you require when it comes to any alloys or metals you can be assured that mat yare alloys are professionals that are hard to beat.

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