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Lead Free Solder Wire

Lead is a hazardous and poisonous material and was thus banned from use in electronics systems. Because of this many electronic equipment manufacturers were quick to source where it was possible top purchase lead free solder wire. Mayer Alloys specialize in supplying companies, manufacturers and individuals lead free solder wire that is now manufactured with tin silver and copper as their base.

This lead free solder wire replacement for conventional solder wires has a higher melting point that resulted in the necessity of re-engineering of most components and materials used in electronic assemblies. Lead free solder wire joints may produce mechanically weaker joints depending on service and manufacture conditions, which may lead to a decrease in reliability using such solders but quality alternatives have now be designed to bridge this deficiency.

Mayer Alloys supply an extensive range of excellent soldering and welding products to the electrical and manufacturing industries ranging from lead free solder wires to sheet rolls and ingots for welding as a few examples. Soldering and welding are the most widely used means of fusing metals together all over the world and because it is now necessary to use lead free solder wire rather than the old types, we now have the alternatives that suit your requirements.

Lead free solder wire supplied by Mayer Alloys come in a variety of different lengths thicknesses and even ingots for heavy soldering using blowlamps and heavy iron tips for industrial metal joinery. Lead free solder wire is one of the most commonly used means of electrical manufacturing and repair worldwide.

Mayer Alloys allow you to choose from an extensive range of thicknesses of lead free solder wire and varieties of other great soldering and welding products all at the lowest prices from the comfort of your home or office and even have them shipped directly to you nationwide from one of our sales office branches. Give us a call and discuss your needs or project with us and we will be glad to help you promptly and professionally.

Mayer Alloys are pleased to supply a variety of great products that we will assist you with specifications for, and you can contact friendly sales staff that will offer you pertinent advice.

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