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Lead Sheet

Mayer Alloys are a leading supplier of a huge range of products relevant to soldering and welding. We supply solder wire. Lead sheet rolls, metal ingots and other accessories to the electrical, building and contractors industry, wherever metal joining and soldering is used. You can browse our top quality and very affordable products on this website and see all the specifications that are available

Our one stop online web site for these alloys and lead sheet rolls, solder wire and other metal for joinery and manufacturing, carries the most comprehensive range of products in this market at excellent prices. Our customers can buy bulk or smaller qualities. These lead sheet rolls are great as noise suppressant and also provide a long lasting and durable seal against the elements.

All our excellent products including our choice of lead sheet rolls are widely applied across the electrical industry in the communication, electron, aviation, heavy-duty transformer cables, high-rise metal joining and many more. Mayer Alloys are also proud to carry the well known brand Aim products that are the leading brand name of all soldering products and metal supplies in the industry.

Mayer Alloys offer many complementing soldering wire and metal ingot products besides lead sheet rolls which include Babbitt alloys, jewelry alloys, solder pastes, tinning compounds, and many other products. Our easy ordering policies and great sales office locations make ease of purchase and shipping direct to you throughout the U.S. All our lead sheet rolls and products have the applicable specifications available and their suggested uses so that you can choose the precise type you require for the area and application. Why not browse through our Aim Products and also visit the link provided below of AIM solder products and lead sheet rolls.

You can choose the county and read in depth information on all the globally recognized Aim products there are in your county. Mayer Alloys has a scrap reclamation service as well as a re-manufacturing process as an added service for you with details on our website. With such a great service and product range available from us, for all your solder and lead sheet rolls supplies we are sure to meet all electrical and metal joining requirements and you are welcome to contact us for expert and professional advice for recommendations of particular products you need.

We wish to provide you with customer service excellence coupled with superb affordability in prices to make our web site your one stop supplier of every solder and alloy requirement on the market for your projects.

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