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Solder Flux

If you are a manufacturing company or business that is looking for alloys, soldering wire, solder flux, solder powders and much more then we welcome you to our website .Mayer Alloys are pleased to supply a variety of top quality pure alloys for your manufacturing processes or projects all under one roof and to make it even more user friendly you can now find exactly what you need online. We are the master distributors for AIM solder products at strategic locations as you can see on our website.

Solder Flux is a vital material used in many different soldering processes to ensure complete and efficient bonding of metals for conductivity and joining. When joining any metals together there is an oxide film layer which solder flux removes allowing a clean and stronger long lasting joint. There are different types of solder flux available for different metals and if you need advice on which solder flux is suitable for you then we invite you to contact us so that we can help you.

Using solder flux also helps solder flow better into the joints and during the soldering process it removes the actual solder wire oxides as well making the end soldered joint more shiny and without crusting. Most solder flux types have a light base of acidity that reacts with the oxide film on metals while the solder is flowing thus ensuring a firm joint.

In electrical industry soldering is very widely used because it allows great conductivity and long lasting in joints used for wiring, terminals, electrical point tabs and cabling. Solder flux that is contained in the variety of Rosin core solders is very popular and you can check out the sensational products we have available in the range. We offer solder flux that solder rods can be dipped into for bigger soldering projects or you can choose soldering wire that has inner core solder flux ale ready incorporated.

Mayer Alloys invite you to have a look at the extensive range or solder flux and superb alloy products we have available. We also supply lead free solder which is used extensively ion plumbing for joining of pipes. Whatever type of solder flux you are looking for you will most definitely be pleased to find it in our selection of superb products.

If you are a company using soldering as the main purpose of joining metals then our range of soldering products and solder flux will satisfy your requirements completely. Our products are cost effective and available to you in any quantities you require and we invite you to simply contact us with your requirements. To keep up with the latest products and product information why not join our mailing lists to stay informed.

You can always be assured of high quality solder flux and alloy products from us that will save you time and money and should you need any metals reclaimed or remanufactured we are also able to comply with your requests. We look forward to being your one stop supplier for all alloy needs whatever industry you are involved in.

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