We purchase and recycle your scrap metal and drosses through our approved ISO 14001 facility.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

At Mayer Metals, we purchase nonferrous scrap metal at the most competitive rates and provide you with peace of mind that you are disposing of your scrap material safely.  All scrap is recycled in ISO 140001 facilities and documentation can be provided for your records.

We are buyers and recyclers of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals such as:


  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Busheling
  • Carbide
  • Clean Scrap Lead, Cable Lead, Soft Lead, and Scrap Mixed Lead
  • Copper
  • Electronic Pot Dumpings – i.e. 60/40, 63/37, 97/3, 95/5 and SAC Alloys
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Sweated & Unsweated Electronic Dross – i.e. 60/40, 63/37, 97/3, 95/5 and SAC Alloys
  • High Tin, Babbitt Metal, and Dross
  • Nickel
  • Pewter and Jewelry Scrap, Drippings, Dross, and Pot Dumpings
  • Radiator Drippings, Dross, and Pot Dumpings
  • Range Lead
  • Tin Dross and Tin Skimmings
  • Pewter and Drippings, Dross, and Pot Dumpings
  • Tin Dross from Tin Coating of Copper
  • Tin Plating Sludge
  • Tin/Zinc Metal & Dross
  • Scrap Solder Metal from both Electronic and Industrial Processes

Contact us today for a free estimate on your scrap material at scrap@mayermetals.com.

Mayer Metals Corporation  does not purchase consumer appliances, cars and is not a residential scrap metal buyer.